Infrastructure branch Making all the difference

The TBM pilot/driver controls the TBM's path and direction, and is responsible for tunnel boring progress.

S/he continually monitors work in progress via the on-screen guidance system. The steering cabin allows the pilot/driver to adjust the machine and follow the intended layout.
The TBM pilot/driver works with a team of electricians, control engineers, hydraulics mechanics and surveyors and must be attentive to both other underground actors and those above ground.
S/he must be able to assess a number of mechanical and civil engineering parameters and take terrain geology into account.


The pilot/driver must know how to handle stress and identify TBM incidents and breakdowns. S/he is at the hub of TBM communication and must be able to receive information and transmit it accurately to the right actor. S/he must also be careful, thorough and vigilant; the success of the project depends on her/his gestures and decisions.

  • Salary

    The salary depends on the operator's qualifications and professional experience in the job

  • Schedule

    The hours are usually regular, but may vary according to project planning and timeframe requirements

  • Place of work

    The TBM pilot/driver works on underground project sites