Infrastructure branch Making all the difference

Designing and building groundbreaking engineering structures

Eiffage Génie Civil designs and constructs a large number of engineering structures in France, and also in Europe and abroad.


At Eiffage Génie Civil we see innovation as central to our approach, enabling us to offer our clients  ground-breaking solutions and meet the needs of new markets. Our key innovation strategies include the multi-criteria optimization of materials and structures: an effective vector for developing sustainable, energy-efficient and economical solutions.

The company has its own research resources: laboratories, design and engineering and R&D departments, and a number of partnerships with schools, universities and engineering institutions such as Ifsttar and Cerema.


13 civil engineering specializations

  • Demolition

    Eiffage Génie Civil specializes in demolition work under the brand names Eiffage Démolition, Boutté and Chastagner.

  • Decontamination

    Eiffage Génie Civil's Decontamination division has developed specific know-how in the treatment of polluted sites, ground and water.

  • Foundations

    Eiffage Fondations offers a comprehensive range of services for special and deep foundation work.

  • Nuclear and Industrial Engineering

    Our project teams hold all the nuclear and industrial engineering certifications needed to operate in industrial and ionizing environments.

  • Hydraulics

    Eiffage Génie Civil boasts design and engineering, construction, commissioning, operations and maintenance experts in the hydraulic structures sector.

  • Structures

    Eiffage Génie Civil is a major player in the engineering structure sector, specializing in all types of structure from the largest - such as Millau Viaduct - to the smallest footbridge, and from complex design and build operations to simple construction sites.

  • Pipelines

    Eiffage Génie Civil's Pipeline Division has over 60 years' experience in installing pipelines for natural gas, hydrocarbon and high-pressure fluid transportation.

  • Structural repairs

    Eiffage Génie Civil  is expert in structural maintenance, repair and reinforcement techniques, and can offer the right solution for each particular situation.

  • Networks

    Eiffage Génie Civil's experience in sanitation, drinking water and district heating networks is recognized throughout France.

  • Reservoirs

    The Reservoirs Division has 60 years' proven experience in building water towers and standpipes, and has carried through around 400 successful projects.

  • Underground

    Eiffage Génie Civil's underground specialists adapt their techniques to suit each specific underground situation, using traditional boring methods, standard and micro-TBM to construct  road, rail and industrial tunnels, sanitation sewers and hydraulic facilities.

  • Earthworks

    Eiffage Génie Civil's earthworks operations cover all types of project and volume, under the brand names Forézienne d’Entreprises, Laurans, Roland, Tinel and Fougerolle-Ballot.

  • Offshore and inland waterway works

    Offshore and inland waterway experts ETMF (Eiffage Travaux Maritimes et Fluviaux) put their specialist materials into use on all French coastlines and rivers.