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The cost estimation engineer is responsible for all or part of the financial estimation of a project. Her/his principal task is to analyse the financial means required for a building project. To carry through this assignment, the cost estimation engineer analyses the contractual documents associated with the project.

This technical assessment enables her/him to define the methods, construction aspects and estimated works schedule. As cost-effectiveness is an ongoing concern, s/he must calculate the cost of the works, human resources, and materials needed for the success of the project. S/he writes qotes and negotiates prices with suppliers, with the help of specialists (buyers and methods, technical and structural engineers ).

The cost estimation engineer has to monitor project progress, in order to review and reajust the various costs if necessary.
Under the guidance of a project manager or cost estimation office manager, s/he is in charge of drafting all the technical documents involved in the project (technical and commercial proposal and implementation schedule). The cost estimation engineer is thorough, with good negotiating skills  and excellent project planning capacities.

  • Schedule

    The cost estimation engineer's contract usually offers a 216-day package.

  • Place of work

    The cost estimation engineer usually works in a design and engineering department

  • Salary

    The salary depends on her/his qualifications and professional experience in the job.