Infrastructure branch Making all the difference

Customer satisfaction, the pledge of our commitments

Eiffage's Infrastructure Branch grew from the merging of a number of historic companies, all experts in the fields of roads, civil engineering and metal. On the strength of this inheritance, we can claim to have taken part in building thousands of kilometres of roads and motorways, dozens of railway lines - from underground networks to high speed links - engineering structure envelopes, and large-scale facilities such as environmental utilities (water and waste treatment plants, power stations and dams) sports stadiums and car-parks. At the same time, we have contributed to improving the living environment of thousands of people , through a multitude of operations and projects.

Excellence-centred organization

At Eiffage Infrastructures, we target excellence in all our operations and at all levels, enabling us to offer our clients perfectly-built structures on time and to budget. Our approach involves the highest standards and the ongoing pursuit of progress and is the basis of our core commitment : to become and remain our clients' preferred partner.

The Infrastructure Branch applies a single management system for all three sectors, enabling the optimization and organization of skills in order to carry through successful operations. The quality system is a genuine but simple management tool for improving performance, which allows it to be assimilated and appropriated by each of the Branch's employees. This system's relevance, accuracy and vitality contribute to improving technical, organizational and functional performance, to achieve greater cost-effectiveness.


Recognized excellence

Our professionalism and know-how are recognized by certifying bodies such as AFNOR and BCS, and joint structures like the FNTP. Almost all Eiffage Infrastructures' activities are certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for our quality and environmental management in the interests of customer satisfaction. We also hold the energy management system qualification  ISO 50001 for our initiatives to reduce the environmental footprint.

Eiffage Infrastructures also holds the most widespread FNTP professional card in France, which offers clients a very wide range of skills certified by independent experts.