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Reinforcing co-operation with suppliers

Eiffage's procurement policy is organized around 300 employees working at all levels of the company. The Central Purchasing Division has a network of staff across the country, close to our teams in the field , who are committed to an ethical position via our Purchasing Conduct Code.

The Purchasing Division supports the company's development in the move towards digital transformation via the implementation of a Procurement Information System covering all aspects of project monitoring, contracts, performance measurement and internal communication via a collaborative platform.

To create added value, our Purchasing teams are attentive to suppliers and encourage the development of new solutions. The Division also supports the company's development on the international stage.


Managing supplier relations

Eiffage Infrastructures relies on an extensive network of suppliers and subcontractors.

We believe supplier relations management has an important leverage effect in encouraging virtuous behaviour in the field of CSR, and have created a framework policy for better purchasing control with our Purchasing Conduct Code and Eiffage Responsible Purchasing Policy.

These documents are evidence of Eiffage Infrastructures' commitment to promoting the adoption of sustainable development principles in our selection of, and relationships with, suppliers and service providers.


Eiffage Infrastructures is committed to ensuring the functioning and application of the Purchasing Conduct Code and  Eiffage Responsible Purchasing Policy in our contractual relationships with suppliers, which are founded on mutual respect and integrity.

In subscribing to these documents, our suppliers agree to respect and promote their principles and to deploy the resources needed to ensure that they are applied, by themselves, their suppliers and subcontractors, particularly in the following areas: work standards, ethics, environment, hygiene and safety, societal involvement and eco-design.

If appropriate, the supplier agrees to receive internal or external auditors mandated by Eiffage Infrastructures to verify the application of these principles. Any severe and deliberate breach by a supplier of the principles set out in these documents will be considered as default, and if serious, may result in removal from our approved supplier listings.


A shared approach to progress

Eiffage Infrastructures and their suppliers share a common approach to identifying critical points in the supply chain in view of the principles upheld, and defining and monitoring the concrete actions needed to make progress, while paying special attention to employee health and safety.

Eiffage Infrastructures and their suppliers agree to be vigilant in implementing these principles, when working in countries which are not members of the ILO conventions.

Eiffage Infrastructures and their suppliers draw up an annual report assessing their actions within the agreed framework, enabling them to monitor compliance with its principles.


Fraud Alert

Eiffage and its subsidiaries are frequent victims of identity theft.

In view of these many cases of fraud and attempted fraud, we recommend the utmost vigilance. If you receive a request for material or a customer account number in the name of Eiffage or one of its subsidiaries by email, post, telephone or direct prospection, please inform us immediately at

Become one of our preferred suppliers

If you are locally based, please send your request to the closest of our regional sites.  If your trading area is national and/or international, please send your application complete with a presentation brochure to