Infrastructure branch Making all the difference

The methods engineer is in charge of identifying and studying ways of improving the company's processes so as to optimize production and increase efficiency, gain and quality. S/he is involved during the research and study phase and during construction, under the guidance of a project manager or production engineering office manager. S/he aims to optimize the company's cost-effectiveness and efficiency by studying the existing situation or by using calculations, in order to propose solutions concerning the number of machines and employees, process organisation, working methods, subcontracting etc. The methods engineer thinks up appropriate solutions to improve conditions

-During the RFT response phase: the methods engineer defines the various implementation options and variants with the cost estimation office and sales teams.
-At the pre-works stage: s/he prepares the worksite installation plans, schedules and operating modes and identifies human and material requirements by capitalizing on previous experience.
-During construction: the methods engineer monitors operations and supports the works teams with his/her skills and knowledge.

The works engineer is organized, has good analytical skills, and is a driving force for new ideas. S/he also has some educational competence.


  • Salary

    The salary depends on the methods engineer's qualifications and professional experience in the job

  • Schedule

    The methods engineer's contract usually offers a 216-day package

  • Place of work

    The methods engineer usually works in a design and engineering department but may be assigned to a particular worksite. When working in an office he can be called on to visit the different project sites under his responsibility