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Résirep joined Eiffage Group in 2002, as part of Eiffage Génie Civil's Rhône-Alpes / Auvergne region.

Résirep is always able to meet the various needs of its clients and has taken part in large-scale operations including the biggest French hydroelectric facilities, major motorway projects, the Channel Tunnel  and high-speed train links. Our company organization also enables us to provide a responsive and efficient service on one-off projects.
We are well-stocked with a range of cutting-edge machines and equipment, enabling us to optimize our methods and guarantee cost-efficient quality work. Résirep also offers solutions to projects in extreme conditions, including mountain work (helicopter transport, base camps, cable car installation etc.), operations on barges or in cramped and confined spaces underground, and work at night or in busy traffic.

The company operates throughout France, often in extreme conditions, in the following specific sectors: Geotechnical work, Repairs to civil engineering structures, Resin-based sealing for civil engineering structures.

  • Repairs to civil engineering structures
  • Certification
  • Innovation
Key figures
  • Created in 1984
  • Over 120 employees
  • Nearly 22 million euros of revenue in 2018
  • 3 business lines : geotechnical work, repairs to civil engineering structures and sealing
  • 4 branches: Sorbiers, Montpellier, Toulouse and Paris
  • Certifications include  ISO 14001, ISO 9001, MASE, CEFRACOR level 1, CATEC 
  • FNTP professional identity certificate, SNCF identification, EDF qualification, affiliated with STRRES (national syndicate of contractors specializing in structural repairs and reinforcement)

Our integrated design and engineering department

If need be, Résirep can count on the BIEP (Eiffage's internal design and engineering department) to provide the client with a faster response or for technical advice, particularly on structural calculations. The BIEP supports all the Group's entities with the benefits of its long experience and recognized know-how, carrying through projects involving design, building, monitoring and technical assistance.

Special works

Geotechnical projects

Résirep has over 20 years' experience in the geotechnical field.  Our design and build expertise enables us to offer a wide range of techniques such as embankment and retaining wall reinforcement, foundation building and consolidation, support for existing buildings, new construction and repairs.

  • Reinforcement and support (soil nailing, interpile and micro-interpile sheeting)
  • Reinforcement with tie-rods  
  • Deep foundations (type II, III and IV micropiles)
  • Quarry filling by injection  
  • Ground improvement by injection
  • Foundation underpinning
Réparation d'ouvrages Résirep

Repairs to engineering structures

Résirep can provide the skills to suit the size and special features of all projects involving engineering and hydraulic structures, and buildings

  • Concrete structure repair and reinforcement : dams, bridges, viaducts, canals, ports, tunnels, galleries, sewage treatment plants, collectors...
  • Stonework repair : bridges, tunnels, hydraulic structures, retaining walls...
  • Structural sealing : dams, waste water treatment and purification plants, bridges, canals and  water towers

Watertightness Civil engineering in the field of water

Résirep has been working for over 30 years in the field of resin-based sealing application (water purification plants, water towers) anti-corrosion resins (the chemical industry) and PVC sealing membranes for upstream dam faces.

Résirep is able to offer and put into practice efficient and sustainable solutions which meet customer expectations, regardless of the technical constraints involved, which may include high mechanical resistance, protection against chemical aggression, compliance with hygiene and food safety standards, watertightness and sealing, Our teams' specialization and professionalism are major assets in the production of all types of resin-based coatings:

  • Containment and tank watertightness on industrial sites, dams, waste water treatment and purification plants
  • Structural sealing with or without traffic : bridges, car parks, terraces, canals and water towers
Génie civil de l'eau

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We work in synergy with Eiffage Group's other subsidiaries to provide solutions for customers from all kinds of background.

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