Infrastructure branch Making all the difference

Improving the quality of road networks

Eiffage Route takes part in a large number of road network building and maintenance operations each year  and contributes to improving network and road infrastructure quality in all fields, from council roads to motorways and from parking areas to major logistics hubs, in both public and private sectors.

Our teams are expert in finding a solution to suit each project, in terms of design, choice of products, asphalt mix formulation, specific deployment processes and technical organization. They are highly qualified in all the techniques required to meet our customers' needs, including earthworks, land treatment, planing and deployment of raw or manufactured materials (coatings, microsurfacing, warm or cold-mix asphalts, concrete on a level surface).

We offer three primary commitments to our customers:


    Our network offers you groundbreaking products which are highly efficient in both economic and environmental terms.


    Our Ambiance, Exigence and Performance product lines have the solution to all your road-related problems.


    Our highly-experienced technical teams will operate day and night on your project sites.

A sustainable future for roads

At Eiffage Route we consider environmental commitment to be strategically important, which is why we train staff in the field to identify flora and fauna for on-site protection, work with nature conservation associations and deploy genuine ecological engineering strategies.

These aspects are fully integrated into the solutions we offer our clients.

Group commitments : roads and infrastructures of the future.

Our research concerns go beyond optimizing costs and economic considerations to address the Group's sustainable commitments : conserving non-renewable resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and  overall energy consumption, limiting noise pollution and encouraging road safety. Our strategy for the multi-criteria optimization of materials, structures and methods is a critical vector for developing sustainable, energy-efficient and economical solutions.

Our fully-integrated technological innovations comprise the new features of road infrastructure. Current research and development issues include dynamic traffic management, optimization of all the phases of a road's lifecycle and also the capacity of roads to produce and store the energy they need to function.

This research work is put into practice at demonstrator level prior to full-scale development. Eiffage Route's engineering concepts thus won the Écocité 2 RFP in partnership with the EpaMarne (Seine et Marne department) and the Ifsttar, as part of the inter-branch "roads of the future" project (5th generation roads or R5G). The winners obtained financial support from the PIA investment programme "Tomorrow's Cities".

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