Infrastructure branch Making all the difference

Bringing people together and improving our living environment

From minor local roads to motorway layouts, Eiffage Routes' teams play their part in improving the French network, and are involved in both new construction and renovation.
They also take part in building road surfaces for ports, airports and industry, and are urban development experts.

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Road operations

  • Road surface coating and structure

    French local authorities have chosen Eiffage Route as their preferred road building and maintenance partner, to reinforce the quality of our road network and open it up to the technologies of the future.

  • Urban development and road and network maintenance

    At Eiffage Route we assist our customers with their growth-generating  projects nationwide, from road diversions to paving work, in urban and rural areas and for public and private development projects.

  • Road equipment

    Eiffage Route has developed comprehensive expertise in the road equipment field including crash barriers and cushions, road markings and road signs. We aim to provide our customers with safer and more reliable infrastructure.


Road materials manufacturing

Materials production is a major part of our road operations. Eiffage Route can count on a dense network of asphalt and binder plants and quarries, all committed to our quality and environmental policy for water and ground protection and limiting carbon emissions.