Infrastructure branch Making all the difference

The works supervisor is responsible for the operational co-ordination of one or several worksites.

S/he manages and organizes the site, constitutes the teams which are supervised by the site foreman, monitors work in progress, buys and distributes materials and checks the site reports drafted by the site foremen.

S/he meets clients and guarantees top-quality construction work and the application of methods and safe practices.

The works supervisor must have up-to-date knowledge of technical developments. S/he attends the first technical and pricing study meetings and prepares the worksite according to the estimated budget.  

S/he supervises site reconnaissance and the complex administrative procedures involved in the opening of a worksite and selects the human and material resources required to carry throught the building project.
The works supervisor schedules tasks and project progress with the site foreman and is responsible for the quality assurance plan s/he draws up.

S/he is the company's representative on the site, and must make sure that the work in progress is compliant with plans and budget and remains cost-effective. S/he also plays  a commercial role in customer care and retention and the search for new clients and markets, and is thus a true entrepreneur.


  • Salary

    The salary depends on the draughtsman's qualifications and professional experience in the job

  • Schedule

    The works supervisor's contract usually offers a 218-day package

  • Place of work

    S/he moves around the various worksites, changing sites from one day to the next