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Road equipment deployment and concrete pavement specialists

AER's national coverage and diversified business lines provide us with the resources for large-scale projects, maintenance and servicing contracts and road infrastructure equipment.
With our broad range of in-house skills we are able to support our customers' urban and industrial development projects regardless of complexity and configuration.


Key figures

  • 6 regional branches and 8 sectors
  • Nearly 66 M€ of revenue in 2016
  • 340 employees
  • 4 design and engineering department
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Les équipes AER pose du béton à plat

Our teams' proven experience and material resources allow us to deliver complex projects to tight deadlines.

We have contributed our expertise to unique, customized projects including Avignon's flood-prevention dyke, Perthus Tunnel under Perpignan-Figueras HSL, Millau Viaduct and Pierre Mauroy Stadium in Villeneuve d'Ascq.

Our teams are able to respond to emergency situations 24/7.

Our customers:

  • Towns and groups of towns
  • Local councils at department level
  • The Government
  • Motorway companies
  • Port and airport corporations
  • The private sector
  • Individual customer

Road equipment

  • Safety equipment
    Safety equipment

    We supply and fit metal and combined wood/metal safety equipment, concrete crash barriers and horizontal and vertical signage

  • Building extruded concrete structures
    Building extruded concrete structures

    This includes sanitation, reinforced concrete slabs, kerbs and special works

  • Servicing

    We service safety equipment on departmental and national roads, motorways and private sites, and handle temporary worksite signage maintenance and crack bridging

  • Acoustic barriers
    Acoustic barriers

    We install acoustic absorption screens near roads and high-speed rail lines

  • Signage

    Permanent vertical and horizontal signage

  • Temporary signage and marking
    Temporary signage and marking

    Temporary signage and marking for worksites

CONCRETE ON A LEVEL SURFACE: an efficient technical solution

AER has real legitimacy in building structures with concrete on a level surface. The know-how we offer our customers is based on expertise dating back to the 1960s.
Our contracting authorities choose concrete on a level surface for airports, urban transport, special works and road pavement under extreme stress (intense traffic flow or heavy loads) for the simple reason that this material is highly resistant to rutting.
In France and abroad, concrete pavement infrastructure is an alternative with high added value.  It offers greater sustainability and resistance to extreme stress (heavy transport vehicles, planes) than the usual solutions, and saves considerable time to manufacture, compared with paving-type solutions.


  • Technique

    The concrete deployed is solid, containing a minimum of 300 kg of cement and including plasticizer-type adjuvants and air-entraining agents. These ensure perfect concrete pavement deployment, and guarantee good frost resistance. Concrete pavement deployment also involves constructing different types of sawn or grouted joints (construction, expansion and contraction-bending). This process, together with the concrete's composition and characteristics, provides excellent resistance to typical pavement stresses such as surface wear, rutting, frost and de-icing salt.

  • Application

    These concrete pavements are chiefly constructed using the mechanical sliding formwork technique combined with manual deployment on specific points or small surfaces. AER can build both thick and thin pavements, with or without dowelling or reinforcement of the continuously reinforced concrete type.

  • Concrete on a level surface is also

    • A unique experience for airport infrastructures
    • An appropriate choice for building and maintaining sustainable roads
    • A durable, attractive, comfortable and modular pavement solution
    • An essential material for special works under extreme stress and in complex environments, or for precision structures.
  • Airports


    Access roads

    Car park

  • Concrete road pavement
    Concrete road pavement
    Motorways and roads under heavy traffic
    Vineyard access tracks
  • Urban transport
    Urban transport
    Dedicated public transport lanes
    BRT (rapid transport buses)
  • Military bases
    Military bases

    Car parks

    Runway thresholds

  • Special works
    Special works



    Test tracks

Sustainability and environment

At AER we have developed wooden and special equipment for our customers, which blends perfectly into the rural landscape. Our teams are attentive to environmental issues such as waste management and favour non-contaminated materials recycling. They also take particular care with cleanliness on the worksite.

AER's branches are certified

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • OHSAS 18001
Les équipes d'AER apportent une attention particulière au développement durable et à l'environnement

Tell us about your project

Contact our regional teams for a customized proposal:

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  • AER Carquefou : +33 (0)2 28 23 16 14
  • AER Senozan : +33 (0)3 85 36 19 22
  • AER Istres : +33 (0)4 42 41 61 80
  • AER Concrete on a level surface (Béton à plat) : +33 (0)3 85 36 19 22
  • AER Major Projects (Grands Travaux) : +33 (0)3 85 36 19 22