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Asphalt mixing plants

Eiffage Route produces over 13 million tonnes of hot and warm-mix asphalts and 250,000 tonnes of micro asphalts via a network of 160 fixed and mobile plants, operated exclusively or as joint ventures in France and abroad (Spain, Germany, Senegal and French Guiana)

Our hot, warm and cold-mix coatings and asphalts are CE marked and our exclusive facilities are certified ISO 9001, 14001 and ISO 50001, for improved consumption control and energy efficiency. The company's research departments work with constructors to design facilities which meet the needs of our products and clients alike.

Eiffage Route's project sites are supplied with optimum responsiveness and availability, thanks to our comprehensive territorial coverage, while our ongoing investment policy, enables us to constantly improve our performance in the fields of warm-mix asphalts, energy efficiency and the environmental integration of new units.


    Our network of 160 plants enables us to meet our project sites' every need.


    Our exclusive facilities are all certified ISO 9001, 14001 or 50001.


    13 million tonnes of asphalt coating are produced each year in our plants.

Coating and recycling

Eiffage Route continues to achieve sustainable improvements in the field of coating. These include energy savings, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, improved working conditions and the recycling of road demolition waste and rubble.

During recent years, we have stepped up the recycling of coated aggregate in very high proportions (over 50%) in specialized facilities (ASTEC double barrel mixer and Benninghoven double tube). Eiffage Route promotes ecological asphalt mixes such as EBT® (warm-mix asphalts) designed in our laboratories. These asphalts are produced at temperatures inferior to 100°C and deployed at 70°C or above, while maintaining the same performance levels as the classic hot-mix asphalts.

Eiffage Route's asphalt coatings are manufactured in fixed or mobile plants conveniently located near our  work sites in order to limit road transport, disturbance and pollution.

Worldwide sites

  • France : 125 fixed and 6 mobile plants
  • Germany : 4 fixed plants
  • Spain : 20 fixed and mobile plants
  • French Guiana  : 1 fixed plant
  • Senegal : 2 fixed plants

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