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Eiffage Route's asphalt road binders

Eiffage Route can count on a network of asphalt binder plants in France and Spain, and over 80 years' experience in the field of hydrocarbon binder production.


    A recognized Research & Development division.


    An annual output of nearly 200,000 tonnes of asphalt road binders.


    14 binder plants in France and Spain.

Asphalt binders for on-road applications

Eiffage Route's products are designed to ensure our clients' safety and comfort, whether on high-density  routes or worn-out multi-purpose carriageways. They include binders and emulsions for coating and spreading, with or without polymer bitumen, latex and colouring.

Asphalt binders are designed for new roads or for road network maintenance (crack sealing treatment, repairing, recycling, hydro-regeneration). They can be tailored to road surface and climate type and ensure water-tightness (binder with superficial wear coating (ESU) or micro asphalt with sealing compound) and road grip (aggregates).

Our asphalt binder plants are ISO 14001 and all the asphalt binders produced in our plants are compliant with CE standards.


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