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Treating polluted sites, soil and water

Eiffage Génie Civil's Decontamination Division has developed specialist know-how enabling us to offer our public and private clients efficient, groundbreaking decontamination techniques for all types of pollution in France and abroad.

The decontamination projects entrusted to the Group's expertise brands - T2D division earthworks companies Forézienne d'Entreprises, Roland and Tinel and specialist subsidiary Gauthey - benefit from our  efficient teams available 24/7 and able to act quickly on behalf of our clients.


    Our specialized, integrated design and engineering departments can offer you technical solutions to suit all types of pollution.


    Our unique expertise enables us to deal with the evacuation of materials via the authorized disposal channels.


    Our companies hold all the certifications needed to handle your decontamination projects.

Remediation work

Our company's experts are capable of deploying all the site, soil and polluted water treatment techniques and processes and have extensive experience with plaster, gypsum, asbestos, arsenic, hydrocarbons, lead and acid tanks.

  • Implementation of safety measures
  • Waste sorting and disposal
  • Asbestos removal / Decontamination
  • Infrastructure dismantling
  • Soil and water treatment after building demolition

Design and engineering : consultancy, diagnostics, research and design

Our specialist engineers and technicians include hydro-geologists, biologists, geotechnicians, civil engineers and process engineering experts. They guarantee the optimization of each project and are fully committed to innovation, designing groundbreaking processes to deal with contaminated soils and environments according to pollution type.

They are also committed to developing service strategies which involve the use of the best cutting-edge techniques available and encourage recovery and recycling to limit the quantities of waste generated.

Decontamination : a certified service provider

Our decontamination companies are certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001 and MASE – Safety, NF X 31-620 - LNE Service Sites and Polluted Soils (SSP) and AFNOR - NF X 46 010 - Asbestos management and treatment (subsections 3 and 4).

Vallon du Vernet : a sanitary landfill for inert waste

Vallon du Vernet is a Class 3 inert waste storage facility handling 100,000 m3 of final inert waste per year from engineering sites in Saint Etienne Urban Area.
The site is located in Saint Etienne and has been operated since 2005 by Forézienne d’Entreprises' subsidiary Société du Vallon du Vernet, under a public service delegation contract for the town.
Concrete measures are implemented on a daily basis to protect the environment, encourage landscape integration and limit disturbance for local residents.

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