Infrastructure branch Making all the difference

Redeveloping space

Several specialist demolition companies works under the brand names Perez & Morelli in the Paris region, Boutté in western France and Chastagner in the Rhône-Alpes - Auvergne region.

Our project teams can adjust to all kinds of worksites, including total or partial demolition in an urban environment - conserving party walls and roadways - or industrial environment, with strict sanitary rules.


    We hold the 11-13 Démolition de Technicité Supérieure qualification, the highest in the profession


    Our integrated design and engineering department carries out the preliminary project studies


    The consolidation of our brand names enables us to meet the needs of large-scale projects

Controlled Demolition

Demolishing an engineering structure is a highly technical operation requiring meticulous preparation.

Our teams have the specific tools and equipment required to take charge of projects in optimum conditions for both safety and environmental conservation.

We are committed to and have invested in recycling techniques, thus limiting non-recycled waste in compliance with sustainable practices.

Our design and engineering departments carry out detailed analysis of each operation, in order to provide specific and suitable solutions.


Demolition : an important first stage

We handle the various demolition stages :
  • Selective deconstruction of buildings / Dismantling plants and industrial sites
  • Asbestos and lead removal
  • Demolition
  • Crushing / Recycling

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