Infrastructure branch Making all the difference

The draughtsman designs the plans used at each stage of a building project. More specifically, s/he is involved in technical research for the preliminary designs, drafting operating documents and monitoring work in progress.

The draughtsman chiefly works in a design and engineering department.  S/he is required to represent the different stages of building in plan form, according to the engineer's instructions. These theoretical plans are not fixed and may need correcting in order to ajust them to construction site reality.

The draughtsman may carry out different tasks in the design and engineering department, corresponding to his/her training and experience:

  • Engineering office draughtsman, in charge of drawing up detailed project plans
  • Qualified design draughtsman, responsible for studying the challenges involved in building certain parts of the structure

On the worksite, s/he is the technical drawing consultant who guarantees the quality of the output supplied. S/he regularly comes in to support and advise the works teams throughout the project.

S/he is thorough and well-organized, and skilled in using the various types of design software required to draw up technical plans. S/he is a good communicator, interacting with the different internal actors (works supervisors and surveyors) and external players (client, architect)

  • Salary

    The salary depends on the draughtsman's qualifications and professional experience in the job

  • Schedule

    The hours are usually regular (37 hours a week), but may vary according to project requirements

  • Place of work

    S/he moves around the various worksites, changing sites from one day to the next