Infrastructure branch Making all the difference

All-terrain experts

At Eiffage Génie Civil's Earthworks Division we have the necessary capabilities and services to design, research and carry out all types of earthworks projects for our public and private customers, in the best possible conditions for meeting quality requirements and deadlines.


    Our teams combine their expertise in preliminary geotechnical surveys with thoroughness in managing both simple and complex projects.


    We meet our customers' requirements in terms of budget, deadlines, sustainability and efficiency.


    Our highly-efficient human and material resources are able to respond to the technical demands of the earthworks market.

A comprehensive offer for regional earthworks and major projects

Eiffage Génie Civil's earthworks specialists are dedicated to preparing the ground for tomorrow's road, rail, harbour, airport and industrial infrastructure and ensuring the best possible bases for future engineering structures.

They are among the first teams to operate on a worksite, and are able to grasp its specific nature and adapt to the most difficult terrain from the modelling stage to the subgrade layer.

Safety on earthworks sites

The Earthworks Division follows Eiffage Infrastructure's health and safety policy to the letter, in order to limit worksite risk in the fields of materials and sites, the movement and coexistence of labourers and machines and the dangers of strong machine power.

Terrassement - Ariane 6

Earthworks certification

  • Large-volume earthworks 23.11
  • ISO 9001
  • Forézienne : ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001

Ground-breaking environmental solutions

Environmental conservation is one of the Earthworks Division's priorities. Our operations teams are constantly attentive to disturbance and pollution control, notably dust, noise and vibration pollution, polluting products and waste, contaminated surface and underground water and impact on flora and fauna.

Eiffage's Infrastructure Branch is constantly in search of innovative solutions to conserve our aquatic environment, and has patented the temporary worksite draining system Modul’AP® consisting of two filtration models using straw-based filters . This industrialized tool is both robust and well-suited to a variety of terrain configurations, facilitating deployment, operations and maintenance. Modul’AP® is currently used on the Division's worksites and will soon be on sale from Point P.

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