Infrastructure branch Making all the difference

The electrician installs and commissions electrical equipment.

In the civil engineering field, electricians essentially work outside on life-sized structures and more  specifically, on high-voltage power lines. They use plans to decide where to place the different electrical installation components, then go on to lay cables and wires, fit electrical cabinets and power outlets and connect up the facility with the external network. S/he is also ensures the system is compliant with safety standards and carries out the necessary updating work.


On major projects, the electrician refers to installation diagrams and plans drawn up by the design and engineering department technicians. After commissioning, s/he is usually in charge of maintenance.

Electricians tend to work on major building or renovation worksites under the guidance of their team and works foremen.

The electrician must be methodical, careful, organized and vigilant at all times, since mistakes can have a serious impact on facility safety.

  • Salary

    The electrician's salary depends on his/her qualifications and professional experience in the job

  • Schedule

    The hours are usually regular, but may vary according to project planning and works restrictions and timeframe

  • Place of work

    The electrician usually  works on a building or renovation site