Infrastructure branch Making all the difference

Engineers and design and build specialists

With our proven knowledge, specialized teams and experts working in synergy, Eiffage Infrastructures contributes recognized design and engineering capacities to the research and works phases of your projects.

700 dedicated engineers, technicians, designers and planners are involved in design, implementation and methods studies and research and innovation in our design and engineering departments, research centres and laboratories in France and abroad.

A comprehensive and complementary offer

With our multidisciplinary engineering competencies and calculations and building methods and techniques specialists  we are able  to provide comprehensive coverage of turnkey projects with sub-system integration.

We also offer a wide range of building materials (concrete, steel, glass etc.) enabling us to  select the best possible combinations and performance criteria for top-quality end products.

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An ongoing innovation process

Our technicians, engineers and experts transfer fundamental skills and the keys to our disciplines to the younger generation by teaching in engineering schools and professional training structures. They also serve on committees drafting standards and regulations, and are involved in a number of staff representation bodies and trade unions, ensuring constant technical and technological monitoring.

Our teams' passion and energy drive bold, inventive and creative projects which are increasingly competitive in their technical and construction features.

Professional expertise

  • Buildings and engineering structures
  • Underground and offshore works
  • Mechanics, boilermaking and hydraulics
  • Maintenance engineering
  • Geotechnics and seismic calculations
  • Road, rail and urban infrastructure engineering
  • Structural repairs and reinforcement


  • Complex structural design and special calculations
  • Project cost estimation
  • 3D and building information modelling (BIM)
  • Construction, manufacturing and assembly  methods
  • Technical specifications and tests
  • Project management , design and engineering , diagnostic and assistance
  • Sustainable cities and eco-construction
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  • ISO 9001, 14001, 50001, OHSAS 18001 to guarantee our commitment to quality, safety and the environment, and EN 9100, ISO 17025 and UTO Nucléaire for specific activity sectors such as industry and the nuclear sector.
  • Expert mastery of building codes and European and international standards.
  • Professional qualifications and professional recognition at national and international level

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