Infrastructure branch Making all the difference

The civil engineering formworker is the basic worker on major building projects and the construction of prefabricated elements.
S/he works on both major infrastructure and one-off project building sites.
The formworker's tasks are not repetitve, since each structure is different. S/he thus needs to have good adaptation capacities.


The formworker carries out four main operations:

  • S/he builds the formwork, or the mould into which concrete is poured
  • S/he places the steel reinforcement frame inside the mould to reinforce the concrete
  • S/he pours the concrete into the mould
  • S/he removes or strips the piece. This is a delicate operation as the concrete must be kept intact without damaging the formwork.

The formworker understands structural layout and installation, and can assemble and dismantle scaffolding and shoring equipment, construct and fit timber formwork, install and remove formwork panels, build reinforced concrete structures and the prefabricated components required for them, use small machines safely and monitor compliance and building quality. S/he has good manual skills and a good eye,  is conscientious and enjoys taking the initiative.

  • Salary

    The formworker's salary depends on his/her qualifications and professional experience in the job

  • Schedule

    The hours are usually regular (37 hours a week), but may vary according to project requirements

  • Place of work

    The formworker usually  works on a building or renovation site. These worksites are often remote, involving medium and/or long-term travel