Infrastructure branch Making all the difference

The Infrastructure Branch's establishments are often called on to work with local residents during urban development work, road surface application or the building of engineering structures. In order to carry through these operations in the best possible conditions, we insist on guaranteeing the deployment of all the necessary measures for successful interface management between works zones and the surrounding environment, so as to limit any inconvenience arising from the works.

The general public is made aware of the following project areas:

  • Work schedules, which can be modified if necessary in agreement with the competent authorities
  • Temporary signage (road signs, marking, site fences, light signals) to comply with regulatory requirements and more importantly, to ensure the safety of local residents and staff. It may change as the works progress.
  • Site access, traffic and parking near the works zones. They may be temporarily modified for technical and safety reasons.
  • Deliveries, which are scheduled in order to limit disruption.
  • Works techniques and materials, chosen to reduce environmental impact as far as possible.
  • Cleanliness and tidiness in and around works zones. Our teams are particularly vigilant and take care not to dispose of waste on the site's rights-of-way.