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The Luma Foundation Tower in Arles designed by architect Frank Gehry was built by Eiffage Metal in consortium.

The Luma Foundation's façades comprise three main structures: firstly, the 5,000 m2 steel façade supporting 11,000 stainless steel blocks; secondly, 50 glass boxes protruding from this façade in order to let light into the building, and finally, a glass atrium 56 m in diameter and 18 m high. This atrium at the foot of the tower provides a naturally-ventilated reception area for the general pubic.  In view of the structure's  geometric complexity, we were dependent on 3D modelling, which was central to our research throughout the design stage. It would have been impossible otherwise to connect the 2D plans and calculations with the production drawings for the different parts of the structure.

The Foundation aims to encourage new art forms by providing a place where artists and researchers in different disciplines can work together.