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Specialist in multitechnical solutions for all industrial sectors

Eiffage Metal is a designer and systems integrator with all the capacities needed to meet our industrial clients' expectations. Engineering, design, construction, assembly and commissioning are all carried out in-company. Our integrated design and engineering departments and the momentum and production capacity of our industrial sites enable us to guarantee delivery of our client's structures in compliance with the strictest specifications.


    We hold a number of specification standards in all sectors.


    We offer multi-technical turnkey solutions for all types of project.


    Our brands enable us to support a large number of projects throughout the world.

Multi-disciplinary teams supporting the energy sector

Eiffage Metal's teams are able to call on a wide range of skills to build turnkey facilities, including welding, mechanical welding, structure, piping, sheet metal manufacturing, valves and fittings, mechanics, monitoring and control and automation, electricity, instrumentation, telecoms and HVAC. The company designs, manufactures, assembles, commissions and maintains industrial equipment. Our teams are expert in the repair and detubing/retubing of exchangers (condensers, heaters and evaporators) and are able to operate in very short lead times in order to meet the needs of customers during unit shutdowns.

For manufacturing purposes they can count on our Fos sur Mer and Lauterbourg industrial sites in France, and Eiffage Metal's other European sites in Belgium, Germany, Spain, Poland and the United Kingdom.



  • Offshore and Onshore Wind Turbines

    Eiffage Metal plays an active role in the renewable energies sector. Our Spanish subsidiary was one of the first onshore met mast constructors to take part in developing wind farms in the Iberian Peninsula. Our Belgian subsidiary Smulders has built over 1,300 steel foundation structures for offshore wind turbines, thus consolidating its position as market leader. In France, our Fos sur Mer site is diversifying its production within the industrial sector towards the renewable marine energy market, and floating offshore wind turbines in particular.

    Eiffage Metal thus offers a range of services from simple steel component manufacturing for offshore and onshore wind farms to turnkey contracts grouping together the design, manufacturing and installation of complex sub-assemblies including:

    • Offshore and onshore met masts
    • Offshore wind turbine foundations:  monopile and transition pieces, jacket, tripod and float
    • Turnkey projects for high-voltage offshore transformer substations
    • Tidal turbine foundations
  • Offshore and Onshore Oil and Gas

    Eiffage Metal is a « general contractor » in the field of offshore oil and gas rig construction and gas transportation and storage facilities.  We have signed over 200 EPCIC contracts (engineering – purchasing -  construction – installation – commissioning) in the offshore construction sector for the oil and gas service and supply industry since 1975, including local production (local content) like the OFON project in Nigeria :

    • Jackets
    • Living quarters
    • Wellheads
    • Exploration, drilling and production platforms
    • Technical modules
    • Skids
    • Gas compressor stations
    • Industrial gas flares
    • LPG containers
    • Subsea : rigid and flexible pipelines
  • The Nuclear Industry

    Eiffage Metal is a historic player in the nuclear sector. After playing a recognized role in constructing the French nuclear power plants, we were one of the first companies to take part in building the Chinese facilities. Today, we support the construction of the latest generation of power stations. Eiffage Metal designs and builds equipment and specific structures and ensures their maintenance. We also manufacture transport and storage packaging for spent fuel and/or vitrified waste in our Lauterbourg plant.

    • Complex mechanically welded structures and mechanical components: polar cranes, hatches, etc.
    • Sheet metal parts : condensers, heaters, MSR (moisture separator reheaters), tubular exchangers,  pressure vessels, reservoirs
    • Pipes and supporting systems
    • Instrumentation and networks
    • Valves and fittings
    • Spare parts
    • Nuclear packagin
  • Major Industrial Projects

    Eiffage Metal is a leading general steel structures contractor with proven know-how. The Major Industrial Projects sector is structured around 2 fields of activity:

    • Industrial framework : we provide skill and know-how in designing and constructing building shells and building systems of the rack, platform and flooring type, for industrial customers in fields as varied as chemicals, petrochemicals and the food, space and aeronautics industries . We are perfectly familiar with their constraints and expectations.
    • Turnkey projects: our department has specialized in the field of steel structures with high added value for a number of years, in the defence and aeronautics sectors. Our success is based on our knowledge of steel structures as application supports. We design and build motorized, automated and lighted steel structures for aircraft painting in the aeronautics industry, and Shelters for the United Arab Emirates desert in the defence sector, supporting the widest range of customer applications with our in-depth knowledge of the steel construction environment.
  • Hydraulic structures and moveable bridges

    Eiffage Metal has been an essential player in hydromechanical projects since 1945 when we established our base in Le Havre harbour

    We apply our skills to building mechanized steel structures in contact with water, including:

    • Locks
    • Valves
    • Floating dock and lock gates
    • Cofferdams
    • Dams
    • Moveable bridges and footbridges
    • Roll-on/roll-off (Ro-Ro) ramps

    Eiffage Metal's Hydraulic structures and moveable bridges division is able to take on all sizes of project including new turnkey project construction and renovation, maintenance and servicing work. We have been working non-stop in harbour zones and on waterways throughout France for over 60 years. Our engineers, executives and project teams have gained solid experience as major interdisciplinary project integrators and managers.

  • Sheet metal manufacturing / Mechanical Welding

    Our Lauterbourg plant (67) on the banks of the Rhine specializes in heavy sheet metal manufacturing and high-tech mechanical welding. Direct access to the river facilitates the delivery of large-scale packages.

    Our large-capacity production means enable us to offer a comprehensive service from cutting out to dispatch, including bending, assembly, welding, heat treatment, machining, final assembly and testing.

    Welding can be carried out on very thick pieces, up to 300 mm in the case of interpenetrated soldering. Two large-scale boring machines enable parts to be machined on a 14 x 6 m stroke. Corrosion protection is integrated onsite.

    When combined with the most demanding quality standards such as those in the nuclear or oil and gas industries, these production tools enable Eiffage Metal to manufacture large-scale products with high added value.

    Our production complies with the building codes and standards in force (European standards CODAP and ASME) and our customers’ technical specifications.

    Our fields of activity include:

    • Nuclear packaging, GV hoist rings
    • Steam separators, water boxes, air accumulators, pressure vessels, oxychlorinating exchangers
    • Offshore anchoring elements
    • Chassis, casings, girders and crane tracks, mechanically-welded lifting equipment
    • Storage reservoirs under rock
  • Industrial piping

    Eiffage Metal's industrial piping projects are among our biggest successes. Many major industrial customers have chosen us as partners on their new works or facility improvement projects.

    Our assignments are concentrated in the following fields:  

    • Chemicals
    • Sugar refineries
    • Petrochemicals
    • The agri-food sector
    • Energy
    • Hydrocarbons
    • Aerospace
    • Aeronautics

    on carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel, duplex steel, and alloy steel networks in compliance with the CODETI, ASME, NF EN and CODAP standards. Our expertise starts at the design study phase, with calculations and prefabrication in the workshop, and carries the project through to the onsite installation stage and commissioning tests. Eiffage Metal can operate rapidly in order to meet customer needs and requirements, and our qualifications guarantee success in the technical, safety, environmental and performance aspects of the project.  Our trained, certified, experienced and professionally qualified teams are able to meet all our customer's requests.

    We undertake a large number of "partner” contracts with anchor customers such as GRTgaz, Roquette, BASF, Saint Louis Sucre, Bolloré Energy and Tessenderlo Group.

    Our business also includes a gas flare service. Eiffage Metal is a leader in this field, capable of designing and constructing prototypes on the basis of data input supplied by our customers, including the calculations for sizing the oxydizers, flares with visible or hidden flame and equipment required for our customers' product burning activities.
  • Exchangers/Pressure vessels

    Eiffage Metal has recognized experience in the field of exchangers (condensers, reheaters, dryers, evaporators and coolers) and more generally, pressure vessels. We manufacture all kinds and sizes of tubular heat exchangers for the following industrial sectors:

    • Energy
    • Chemicals
    • Petrochemicals
    • Cryogenics
    • The pharmaceutical industry
    • The food industry

    We control all the processes involved in manufacturing these materials, and ensure their installation and maintenance by our assembly teams.

    We have achieved permanent joining qualification in materials such as titanium, stainless steel, copper-aluminium, carbon steel and chromium steel in our laboratories, specialized in exchanger detubing and retubing using specific detubing materials (single or multi-tube hydraulic detubers) and in welding tubes to tube-plate joints (32 identical Tig orbital welding machines)

  • Aeronautics/Aerospace/Armaments

    Our company is polyvalent, numbering many successful projects in the automotive, agri-food and mechanics industries. We also specialize in supplying paint docks for the aeronautics industry:

    • Steel buildings
    • Secured bridge cranes
    • Special spreaders

     Eiffage Metal has provided secured bridge cranes and special spreaders for Guiana Space Centre and constructed steel buildings for Ariane 6's future launch pad.


  • Transnuclear packaging® (TN)
    Transnuclear packaging® (TN)

    Our Transnuclear® products have been specially designed for spent fuel and are all manufactured in Lauterbourg.

  • Wind turbines: Semi-submersible floating units
    Wind turbines: Semi-submersible floating units

    Eiffage Metal manufactures and installs this integrated semi-submersible floating unit solution designed by Principle Power. The floating wind turbine is one of the latest technologies, and can be installed in windy, deep water zones far out to sea.

  • Polar crane and equipment hatch
    Polar crane and equipment hatch

    The polar cranes with equipment hatches designed and built by Eiffage Metal are recognized all over the world for their behaviour in extreme conditions (earthquake, strain, pressure, temperature) and their reliability throughout the nuclear power plant's lifecycle.

  • Oil rigs
    Oil rigs

    Eiffage Metal has built and installed a large number of oil rigs, such as Ofon living quarters in Nigeria for Total. This floating hotel comprising 124 beds and the oilfield's central monitoring and control room was built in Nigeria (helideck, upper module, spider deck and jacket) and Fos-sur-Mer (intermediate and upper modules).

  • Aircraft paint docks
    Aircraft paint docks

    Eiffage Metal's special expertise in designing and building complex steel structures for the aeronautics industry dates from 2011. Our in-depth steel construction knowledge and specialist mechanical departments enable us to offer you top-quality turnkey solutions to suit all budgets and projects, from paint docks to plane maintenance.

  • Shelters

    There are many Shelter-type products on the market but they are often based on the shipping container and do not offer much latitude in terms of size or adaptability. For several years, Eiffage Metal has been developing a Shelter concept which can be adapted to large dimensions, with a metal framework, cladding and roofing. They are magnetic wave and weatherproof, air-conditioned or heated according to need and designed to resist aggressive conditions (desert or sea, for example). These products, such as electrical houses (e-houses) created for the armaments and oil and gas sectors, are designed and manufactured in our plants, then dispatched all over the world.

  • Ariane 6
    Ariane 6

    Eiffage Metal designed and constructed the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) and mobile gantry for the preparation of the Ariane 6 launch vehicle.
    VAB: 1,000 tonnes with watertight doors. Mobile gantry: 5,000 tonnes and 90 m high.

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