Infrastructure branch Making all the difference

700 engineers, technicians, designers and planners dedicated to design, implementation and methods studies and research and innovation are employed in our design and engineering departments, research centres and laboratories in France and abroad.

Roads Innovation

Research and innovation are at the core of Eiffage Route's DNA. Our many research and development projects to save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, limit the use of non-renewable raw materials and improve safety are continually fuelled by our customers' specific needs and difficulties.

This innovation culture has enabled the development of most of our groundbreaking products and processes  - our asphalt binders and high-performance emulsions, special asphalt mixes like GB5®, BB5® and EBT® and specific in-place road surface recycling processes all originated with our capacity to innovate.

Our research themes systematically include a sustainable dimension, either environmental (recycling, greenhouse gas reduction) or societal and sanitary (plant-based fluxes , warm-mix asphalts). Our projects call on the resources of our laboratories and our regional divisions' technical networks, and our scientific teams also work in partnership with French and foreign universities and engineering schools and industrial players, so as to have the right skills on board.

Eiffage Route's research and innovation activities contribute to a number of projects, both national (Recyroute, Mure/Improvmure) and international (Biorepavation).

Eiffage Route's products and processes are regular prizewinners in the profession's innovation competitions. EBT®, GB5®, Aéroprène® and Recyclean® have all won awards in recent years. These products and processes often have a direct impact on the daily lives of users who currently benefit from our safe and comfortable road surfaces and will profit tomorrow from the new features of the "roads of the future".


Civil Engineering Innovation

Innovation in the field of civil engineering is organized along different lines of research in order to meet customer needs, satisfy new market demands and improve existing products and processes.  The multi-criteria optimization of materials and structures is an effective vector for the development of sustainable, energy-efficient and economical solutions.

The company has its own research resources including laboratories, design and engineering departments, and an R&D division, and a number of partnerships with engineering schools and universities, consultants and institutional structures such as  IFSTTAR and Cerema. Eiffage Génie Civil's engineers oversee and monitor research studies, systematically taking worksite feedback into account in order to respond to problems  encountered in the field:

  • characterization of bleeding in cement materials
  • fibred concrete performance at high temperatures
  • vibration in state-of-the-art concretes

Several of our employees take part in national projects and standards committees. Ongoing topics include:

  • digital mock-ups for infrastructures (National Project MINnD)
  • the use of optical fibre-instrumented reinforced ductile BFUP for anti-earthquake application (National Project Badifops),
  • concrete sustainability for the development of a performance-based approach (National Project Perfdub).

Metals Innovation

At Eiffage Metal, the design, building, assembly and commissioning of engineering structures are carried out in-company. Our integrated design and engineering departments together with the production strength and capacity of our industrial sites throughout France and Europe enable us to give shape to groundbreaking structures.

From Millau Viaduct to Pierre Mauroy Stadium in Lille, not forgetting Ofon oilfield off the Nigerian coast, the offshore wind fields in the North Sea or the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris, we have gained a solid reputation as a complex structures specialist in our three business sectors: building envelopes and façades, engineering structures and industry.

Design and engineering are the raw materials of our industrial successes, enabling our teams to control system design and complexity, innovate and and improve technical and construction competitiveness. Eiffage Metal offers integrated turnkey services for all types of operation throughout the world, providing our customers with the high productivity, quality and safety standards that are the hallmark of our brand.

Aside from their in-company activities, Eiffage Metal's engineers are involved in transferring fundamental skills to the younger generation by teaching in engineering schools and professional training structures. They also serve on committees drafting standards and regulations, and are involved in a number of staff representation bodies and trade unions,.

Groundbreaking products and processes

  • BSI® (Special industrial concrete)

This ultra- high performance fibred concrete (BFUP) developed by the Group over 20 years is ideal for structures exposed to harsh environments and extreme conditions, and for designing innovative shapes with very thin layers. At the end of 2016, the outstanding structure and international memorial Notre Dame de Lorette Memory Ring (62) built of BSI® won the American Concrete Institute's Excellence in Concrete Construction Award. Leader in the field of concrete research, the ACI rewards the innovative use of concrete and groundbreaking technologies in response to economic, environmental and aesthetic challenges.

  • R6Pont® Process

Winner of the CIRR (Road and street innovation committee) RFT in 2015, the R6Pont® process was designed for seismic reinforcement in bridges using pier jacketing. This new pier reinforcement technique targets the critical areas of plastic hinging and concretizes the operational outcome of the Badifops research and innovation project in a context of upward revision of the earthquake hazard in France. The project, set up in 2011 and soon to be completed, is supported by the Ecology, Sustainability and Energy Ministry's civil engineering and urban mission.

  • Orthodalle Process

The Orthodalle process stems from the ANR (National Research Agency) project Orthoplus and offers a new technique to reinforce orthotropic bridge decks with a thin layer of high-performance fibred concrete (BFUP) attached to the supportive decking.  Winner of the 2010 Road Innovation Charter, Orthodalle was successfully deployed on Illzach Bridge (68) and was awarded the Ivor Label for innovation validated on benchmark engineering structures.

  • Wide-flange I-beam ( ITE®)

The FNTP Innovation Trophy-winning wide-flange I-beam is a prefabricated, prestressed girder made of BSI® BFUP. This new structural component enables the construction of ultra-thin bridge decks, adjusting to specific geometric and building requirements such as restricted clearance or crossing lanes open to traffic. Today, this BSI® beam has proved itself on several projects including Pinel Bridge in Rouen (76) Sarcelles Bridge (95), the Pont de la République bridge in Montpellier (34) and Buthaumont sur l'Orne Bridge in Boncourt (54).

  • Recyclean®

CIRR, IDRRIM and FNTP prizewinner in 2015, Recyclean® is an encapsulating process under wet protection, enabling in-place recycling of road surfaces containing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons while ensuring the protection of staff and local residents during the works phase.

Active contribution to French and European requests for projects

  • The European request for projects "Infravation" launched by ERA-NET Plus Infravation, dedicated to innovation in transport infrastructure. Eiffage Route was the winner with our Biorepavation project, involving road surface recycling with the use of renewable biomass binders or additives.
  • The ADEME's request for pilot floating wind farm projects. Eiffage Metal is an industrial partner in the Golfe du Lion pilot floating wind farm together with Principle Power and GE. This winning project selected by the Government is led by a consortium comprising ENGIE, EDP Renewables and the Caisse des Dépôts.