Infrastructure branch Making all the difference

Thinking about tomorrow

Eiffage Infrastructures' research scientists in our Corbas and Ciry-Salsogne laboratories regularly receive awards for their innovations in the development of tomorrow's products and processes. Our laboratories are entirely dedicated to Eiffage Group's industries and activities, providing appropriate solutions for all types of project including roads, harbours, airports and industrial hubs.

Our research assignments acknowledged in France and abroad

Our research scientists work with leading-edge equipment enabling them to carry through materials analysis, formulation and development tests with success.

Their consulting assignments involve technical expertise, design, implementation methods, quality monitoring and the development of materials designed  specifically for road infrastructure.



Eiffage Infrastructures' central laboratories are COFRAC accredited. The testing range scale is available on the COFRAC website at under the registration numbers 1-0933 for Corbas Central Laboratory (69) and 1-1670 for Ciry-Salsogne Central Laboratory (02).

The laboratories are ISO 9001 and 14001certified and have Laboroute approval (range scales available from each laboratory). Approval is delivered by the Laboroute commission under the CFTR (French Road Techniques Committee).

Eiffage Infrastructures is represented in the French professional bodies  Idrrim, Usirf, Sferb, Eapa etc. and contributes to technical commissions, European standards organizations and the training courses on offer in major engineering schools such as the ENPC and ESTP.  Our Branch can count on an active network of over a hundred universities, engineers and technicians throughout France, able to research and carry out international assignments.

Eiffage Infrastructures is open to new technologies, taking part in international congresses and welcoming high-profile students who enrich our company's scientific knowledge by coming to to train with us.

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