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Networks for cities

Eiffage Génie Civil's Networks Division contributes its expertise to setting up sanitation (rainwater and waste water) drinking water and district heating networks.


    We offer cutting-edge solutions in lining and microtunnellling technologies.


    We have top-level skills and qualifications in the network and underground fields.


    Our fleet of brand-new machines and equipment is at your disposal.

Water and sanitation skills

The civil engineering workforce in our Networks Division put their proven expertise into use on all kinds of work, trenchless or otherwise,  including network dismantling, laying and maintenance in new, existing and utility tunnels, shafts, and accessible sewer installations.

Our teams specialize in a wide range of complex techniques including shaft sinking, rocket and percussion drilling, the auger drilling technique (with or without preguidance) and micro and mini TBMs. We design and manufacture our own tools and develop our operational processes in compliance with budget, deadlines and environmental standards. These network operations can be carried out as part of any type of civil engineering project.


Water and sanitation services

  • Drinking water networks and connections
  • Sanitation networks to ensure rain and waste water transport.
  • District heating and cold water networks
  • Upgrading accessible and non-accessible sites: renovating and repairing pipelines and connections on trenchless networks, including network lining with UV curing, fibreglass-reinforced polyester shells and casing.
  • Accessible sewer systems: maintenance, reinforcement, upgrading and new network creation.


  • Heat network interconnection
    Heat network interconnection

    We carried out earthworks and civil engineering operations to link up Vitry to the MIN incineration plant in Rungis.

  • Adour Pipeline
    Adour Pipeline

    We bored two 1,200-diameter shafts in a 230 m curve, using the mircotunnelling technique, under SNCF tracks and a departmental road.

  • Drinking water conveyance (Yvelines)
    Drinking water conveyance (Yvelines)

    3.3 km of cast-iron pipelines involving 230 m of microtunnelling.

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