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Structural expertise for offshore and inland waterway works

These very specific offshore and river works are a long tradition in the Eiffage Group, via Eiffage Travaux Maritimes et Fluviaux (ETMF) in France and Herbosch Kiere in Belgium. Our specialist teams are well-equipped for these unique projects and have proven experience in the techniques required, successfully overcoming environmental opposition to build dams, wharves, pile dolphins, finger-piers and locks.

ETMF build new structures and repair existing ones, taking part in protection, development, maintenance, upgrading and extension projects.


    Our experienced teams are passionately committed to offshore and inland waterway works.


    We have a complete range of materials and equipment, suitable for all types of project.


    Our know-how and expertise enable us to offer customized services.

Offshore and inland waterway works

ETMF handles a number of services involving offshore and inland river and waterway structures:

  • Dredging, rock-breaking and blasting
  • Ditch, river and canal dredging
  • River and canal bank protection
  • Cofferdam construction
  • Pile-driving and sheeting
  • Bridge pile construction
  • Foundation underpinning and repair
  • Underwater pipe and cable laying
  • Installing gabions and rip-rap
  • Harbour extensions
  • Repairs to dikes and structures

Offshore and inland waterway structures

Our offshore and inland waterway works cover a range of specific  engineering structures, from technical design to project delivery and commissioning:

  • Marinas, slipways, breakwaters
  • Pilework wharves,  landing stages, crib docks, piers, jetties, dolphins
  • Dams, dykes, locks, flood barriers, fishways, ship lifts
  • Pipelines, sea outfalls

Cutting-edge material and enthusiastic teams

ETMF’s specialists take part in all kinds of project configuration, from research to operations, building new structures and upgrading existing ones. They are responsive and experienced in all the techniques, and are used to overcoming adverse weather conditions.

Our ETMF teams are passionate about their trade. Their expertise with cutting-edge materials, including floating bridges and mono-blocks, modular caissons, jack-up platforms, cranes, pile-driving equipment and pusher craft guarantees comprehensive management of customized, groundbreaking projects for our customers, in compliance with the demands of timeframes and budget.


  • Pipelines

    We laid and dismantled pipelines in Berre salt-water lake

  • River structure
    River structure

    We renovated Villeneuve sur Yonne dam, during a six-month period.

  • Offshore structure
    Offshore structure

    Floating pontoon, Ile Longue
    2 years’ work in several phases

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