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Fluid transport via high pressure pipelines

Eiffage Génie Civil's  Pipelines Division is expert in the various phases of pipeline construction and laying. Our teams are proud of their ability to comply with environmental standards, returning work sites to their original condition at the end of each project.


    Our teams follow a detailed engineering schedule from the opening of the tracks to the final site restoration work, including shoring, welding and pipelaying in conventional trench layouts and at special points.


    We control the preliminary studies, hydrostatic testing and regulatory monitoring operations before the structure is commissioned.


    Our cutting-edge and specific materials are compliant with the most recent safety and environmental standards.

Pipeline transport

The Pipeline Division installs pipelines to transport natural gas, hydrocarbons (raw and refined products and biofuels) and high-pressure fluids (compressed air, ethylene, nitrogen, oxygen, helium and hydrogen).

Our teams specialize in complex earth projects, contributing their expertise to small, medium and large-scale sites, from the smallest diameter up to 36 inch-diameters (DN900) and are able to offer high-speed laying techniques over long distances. They also work on structures in operation, including pipeline network protection, development and diversion, inerting and removal, special points, interconnection, pipeline fault monitoring and covering repairs, work on concentrated structures (compression stations) and work in confined spaces (pipe repairs and/or replacement in utility tunnels).



Our commitment to safety

For many years now, our Division has been committed to promoting safety as our primary objective and  encouraging safe processes. Our design and engineering and works teams integrate a number of factors into operational procedures which enable us to ensure project workforce safety and guarantee the integrity of existing facilities.  By responding to advance warning signals and acting in the interests of safety, our teams manage to eliminate risk beyond the requirements of compliance with current standards.


  • Conventional high-pressure fluids
    Conventional high-pressure fluids

    We installed four pipelines to transport high-pressure fluids (helium, compressed air, nitrogen and hydrogen) over 48 km from Air Liquide's facilities (ALSG) in the French Guiana space centre to Soyouz launch base.

  • Orly Airport - SMCA
    Orly Airport - SMCA

    Inerting - Inertpipe PG - DN 150, 250 and 400. 6,240 metres of pipeline with kerosene residue recovery.

  • Adour Route
    Adour Route

    DN600 - 96 km – TIGF gas main.

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