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A major player in the European rail field

Eiffage Rail, Wittfeld, Pichenot and ERS are responsible for Eiffage Group's railways sector, operating in Europe and worldwide.



    Our multidisciplinary approach enables us to offer you comprehensive turnkey solutions including  civil engineering, earth and railway works, piloting works trains, and overhead wires.


    Eiffage is the European rail market leader.


    We use only the most highly efficient, cutting-edge materials and equipment

Rail operations: RFN, HSL and sidings

The Rail Division operates in all fields of railway activity: National Rail Network tracks (RFN), high-speed lines (HSL), sidings and urban networks. Our teams are expert in

  • Designing and building new lines
  • Replacing and maintaining switches and ballast track networks in operation
  • Safety systems: worksite protection and temporary speed  limitation signals
  • Materials : a qualified teams of technicians ensures upkeep, repairs, maintenance and regulatory technical monitoring of materials.
  • Multimodal port hubs : building, upkeep and maintenance
  • Civil engineering: earthworks, engineering structures, platforms, stations.

In addition, qualified technicians ensures upkeep, repairs, maintenance and regulatory technical monitoring of materials.


RFN : upgrading National Rail Network track

With the support of their cost estimation office, our rail teams are taking part in upgrading, modernizing and developing the national rail network, operating on around 50 projects per year.

Our Rail staff strive to listen to customer needs, meet deadlines, and deliver work of irreproachable quality, while complying with rail safety standards, in order to guarantee the constant improvement of national rail network performance.

Sidings for a sustainable freight solution

Apart from conventional rail activity (tramlines, underground railways, traditional rail track or high speed lines) our project teams have long and proven experience in building private sidings and are able to assist and advise our clients in this particular field. These sidings, also known as private yards, link up port and industrial hubs to the national rail network by means of dedicated tracks, enabling goods to be transported without offload.

Quarries, sugar refineries, food and automotive industries and port installations use hundreds of kilometres of private sidings throughout France, all requiring upkeep. We lay tracks and ensure maintenance and upgrading work on these private sidings which represent an all-important market for Eiffage.

Branchement 3 voies en rails à gorges encastrés dans le béton chez Roquette Frères - Usine de Lestrem

Rail certifications and qualifications

National Rail Network: 01011 – 01012 – 01013 – 01014 – 01111 – 01112 – 01113 – 01114 – 01115 – 01120 – 01121 : the company holds qualifications for unlimited amounts, valid throughout France.

Train, tram and metro linking people in cities

The Rail Division is known for its ambitious and proactive urban development policy, working with other Group sectors to lay tomorrow's tram and underground rail tracks and supporting our customers' urban mobility plans.

Our teams can offer you comprehensive turnkey solutions by optimizing the synergy between these different sectors of Eiffage Group.

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