Infrastructure branch Making all the difference

The site foreman is involved at each stage of the building project. S/he answers to the works supervisor and ensures the general organisation of the worksite on a daily basis.

It is the site foreman's job to make sure the construction work is carried out well. S/he also ensures compliance with guidelines, standards and rules, especially in the field of safety. His/her work is organized around three main activities:

  • Site preparation:  s/he discovers the technical dossier and plans, takes part in preparatory meetings with the works supervisor and research engineer and supports the works supervisor in his assessment of human and material needs
  • Works organization and monitoring: s/he monitors project progress, materials deliveries and the arrival of works machines, manages the budget, follows up the hours worked and the schedule and checks the order forms and invoices
  • Project completion: s/he takes delivery of the completed work with the works supervisor and makes sure the site is clean and tidy at the end of the project.

The site foreman must complete the project to schedule, solve technical and human problems fast, deal with bad weather and be able to cope with unexpected events.

The site foreman is practical and able to manage people. S/he must enjoy responsability and be able to take the initiative to ensure the smooth running of the project

  • Salary

    The site foreman's salary depends on his/her qualifications and professional experience in the job

  • Schedule

    The hours are usually regular (37 hours a week), but may vary according to project requirements

  • Place of work

    The site foreman works on a project site