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Art in the city

Eiffage Route makes a significant contribution to nationwide structuring and improving our living environment. You will find us at the heart of town and village life throughout France, with our many urban development and road and network maintenance projects.


    Our project teams are expertly trained and managed, enabling them to handle the technical aspects of roadworks while limiting the impact of their on-site operations.


    We offer a range of groundbreaking road surface coatings and exclusive patented processes to enhance your projects.


    We firmly believe that the aesthetic aspects and quality of road works are vital.

A diverse range of capabilities

From network diversion to paving work, Eiffage Route's teams can handle the complete renovation of whole districts, public squares and streets.
They also take on urban development work for tram line installation, and other types of public transport using dedicated lanes.

They offer comprehensive services for industrial companies, retailers and promoters, providing the most attractive and ergonomic settings for their sites.

Eiffage Route also develops green spaces and soft paths via projects including bike lanes, pedestrian crossings and precincts, vegetated medians and central reservations, facilities for rest areas, self-service bike share stations and surface parking spaces.

Upstream network operations

Whether public or private, urban development operations require a great deal of preparatory work to create or divert networks. Eiffage Route's project teams have considerable experience in this field. They know how to take all the environmental imperatives into account when approaching a project, whatever the network type, and are committed to limiting inconvenience for local residents where appropriate.

Benefit from our recognized experience in reserved-lane public transport

Eiffage Route is proud of its long experience in constructing reserved-lane public transport systems. Our project teams have taken part in almost all the tram building and BRT (Bus Rapid Transport) projects launched throughout France during the last 20 years. They are expert in handling the problems raised by these complex projects and manage to avoid all the traps by choosing a dedicated team in the early stages, followed by very careful preparation.

Tramway de Tours

An attractive and functional showcase for your project

At Eiffage Route we have a proven track record in enhancing the surroundings to urban buildings and facilities, including residential blocks, shopping centres, logistics hubs and industrial infrastructure such as wind farms, waste treatment and water purification plants, or public facilities like hospitals, schools and arts complexes - thus putting the final touch to our customers' projects.

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