Infrastructure branch Making all the difference

Making all the difference with our actions

At Eiffage Infrastructures, making all the difference means daring to be inventive, committing to environmental responsibility, developing synergy between trades and sectors and with other branches of the Group, and building a culture of excellence. It also means means encouraging our 23,000 employees to develop their talents and give one hundred percent of their best.

We take great care to safeguard our founding principles, the first of which is our employee share ownership scheme, the largest in Europe for a group of our size. Our employees' equity stake plays a part in guaranteeing our independence and cohesion and ensures continuity and development.


Our employees are our key asset

We are committed to a fairer corporate model with greater solidarity, and today belong to one of the major employee-owned groups, considered as a forerunner over the last 25 years. At the same time, we continue developing new safety programmes which are proving successful, since over half our sites have already reached the zero accident target.

In the field of training, our schools set up throughout France since 2006 have now trained several hundred young people, who initially stood little chance of finding employment but are now on the company workforce. We have also increased our diploma-based training offer and are supported in know-how transmission by our 1,200 tutors, hard at work in the field preparing to hand over to the next generation.


Core values shared by all

Company spirit and independence are recognized and encouraged. Our employees take responsibility for their own actions, whatever their position in the company. We all make mistakes, but we learn from them, and a repeated mistake is considered as misconduct – even serious misconduct if it is concealed.

All members of staff are trusted, especially by their immediate boss, and can progress in the company if they have both the will to get on and the skills required. Relationships with the other trades in the Group and with suppliers and subcontractors are based on trust.

There is no trust without transparency – it is never acceptable to withhold information or conceal the real situation. If you are aware of a fault but do not report it, you become an accessory to that fault.

Leadership by example
Respect for others is the first requirement at Eiffage. Sharing our successes and failures is the rule, with no room for special privileges. Which means not asking others to do what you wouldn't do yourself.

Pragmatism, courage and tenacity
Real-estate speculation and financial deregulation have had a dramatic impact on our markets. We must be ready to bounce back with confidence . Each employee's courage and tenacity is needed to build the future and ensure our success in the next ten years.